Your home is personal. It shows who you are and what you care about. It should therefore not be polished or inset. But welcome you with warmth, presence and authenticity. And take care of you and your everyday life.

Nordal is a family-run interior company with 30 employees and dealers throughout most of Europe and the United States. With an eye for detail and function handpicks the team behind Nordal products, giving character and personality to the home’s interior design.
With a common passion for colors, shapes and aesthetics, the three siblings Signe Nordal Madsen, Mads Nordal Petersen and Emil Nordal run the company Nordal, founded by their father in 1991.
A personal decor is about looking inward. Therefore, choose the heart when you make your home and go for what makes you happy. It is the philosophy we use when designing and developing new collections for the Nordal universe. And that’s the approach that creates the unique Nordal style.

We think that good design has a function. Whatever it is visual or practical. At Nordal, you get aesthetic design that benefits everyday. From the decorative detail that creates warmth in the decor of the kitchen utensil that performs a practical task. At the same time, it means everything to us that the quality is alright. This has been the case since our start in 1991.

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  • Small Glass Dome Table Lamp With Star Danish Design

    Small dome lamp from Nordal is a beautiful table light with an innovative and beautiful look created from glass. This dome lamp is suitable for a simple and clean Nordic style, but can also be used in conjunction with classic furniture. Use this lamp by your bed, or as a source of light in your living room. Perfect for Christmas.  
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