Cheese Or Cake Dome 27.5 cm x 16.5 cm With Wooden Serving Cutting Board


Cheese or cake dome 25 cm x 15 cm dome & 27.5 cm x 1.5 cm base. Our clear glass, bell dome sits upon a solid beech 1.5 cm / 1 in extra thick board. Total weight: 2270 g

Hand wash the glass dome with care & oil the beech board with either vegetable, olive, rapeseed, walnut or Danish oil before first use and keep clean by simply wiping over. Re-oil when needed to preserve and enrich the wood.

Wooden board with glass lid.

Hand Made


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Total Height: 16.5 cm
Base Width: 27.5 cm x 1.50 cm
Dome Dimensions: Total Height: 15 cm / Depth: 11.5  cm
Dome Diameter: 25 cm outer / 24.5 cm inner
Weight: 2270 g
Material: Glass, Wood
Colour: Clear, Natural


Product No. ED00020 / 09-050/3

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