Handmade Clear Circular Glass Display Cloche Bell Dome With Black Base 61.5 cm


Large circular clear glass dome, is perfect to display your ornaments as well as flowers. It brings an elegance to every room.

NOTE: The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glass-blowing production.

The glassware is made using artisanal mouth-blowing techniques, which gives the product unique quality and due to the nature of this product occasional irregularities in the glass may occur.

Handwashing recommended.


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Overall Dimensions:
Height: 61.5 cm
Diameter: 26 cm
Glass Dome dimensions:
Height: 60 cm  / internal: 59.5 cm
Diameter: 25 cm  / internal: 24 cm
Material: Glass
Colour: Clear, Black
Manufactured in Europe


Product No. HJ00094B / D250 H600

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